Solving Bottlenecks Onshore & Offshore

We have the solution to an increasing market need. As wind turbines increase in both size (i.e., hub height) and production capacity (nacelle size and weight), the existing equipment onshore is not able or available to handle high and heavy loads. Offshore, there are not enough heavy lift vessels to get the job done. We have a solution that eliminates expensive installations, costly repairs, and maintenance delays that can result in revenue loss.

Future of Wind Power:
Self-Erecting Turbine Systems

Our innovative, unique and comprehensive self-erection wind turbine tower system helps minimize project delays, avoids loss of revenue, reduces environmental impacts, and allows owners to produce energy quicker than usual.

Onshore wind turbines are growing to 10MW, while offshore sizes aim to grow to 20MW. New systems are needed to efficiently manage those heights and loads. Get back "online" quicker, reduce high installation, maintenance, and decommissioning costs – easier, faster, and safer than ever before.

New Installations & Existing Units (Upgrades and bolt-on applications, depending on design and capacity).

Onshore & Offshore (Fixed and floating).

Smaller footprint for construction sites, less civil work costs, and substantially lower environmental impact.

Ability to install in areas that lack suitable cranes or large crane access.

Ability to install turbine and nacelle without heavy-lift barges or vessels.

Ability to perform maintenance and major upgrades quicker and cheaper.

No expensive cranes, giving you the opportunity to install several turbines concurrently at a lower cost.

Design engineering, prototype fabrication and testing, final products, and commercialization.

Fueling The Global Transition To Renewable Power

50 +

With over 50 years' combined experience in oil and gas, mechanical engineering, and material science, our leadership team's extensive international experience includes onshore and offshore solutions for lifting, handling, mooring, and pulling systems markets.

World Market Outlook (IEA)

Predicts a three-fold increase in onshore and twelve-fold in offshore wind by 2030.

Technology Created to Support Onshore & Offshore Markets

Global Application Reach

(Onshore & Offshore Wind Turbine Application)

We’ve developed several methods for wind turbine self-erection, including an elevator system for hoisting both wind turbine sections.

Access a more efficient, less expensive installation and maintenance system for your wind turbines.
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Our sales and technical teams include extensive lifting and handling experience in all types of onshore and offshore applications.

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