Ground-Breaking Technology

Innovative designs that utilize proven systems for safe and efficient wind turbine component installation.

Designer Lifting Systems:
Unique Technology Developed for Wind Turbines Assembly

With a proven track record of onshore and offshore application on a global scale, our design engineers and commercialization team can improve your operations. Our methods will make it easier, safer, and faster to install, maintain, and upgrade wind turbines and nacelle systems without the use of large, expensive cranes and heavy-lift barges or vessels.

Our Creative Solutions

We've developed several methods for wind turbine installation, maintenance, and decommissioning operations, including an elevator system for all wind turbine components - tower sections, nacelle, and blades.


This system design is applicable for both onshore and offshore wind turbines and will allow for concurrent installations since it can be performed utilizing small cranes, which are commonly available; there is no need for large, high capacity cranes and/or heavy-duty crane barges.

Full Cycle Market Usage

Previous Achievements

More Features

New Installations & Existing Units (Upgrades and bolt-on applications, depending on design and capacity).

Onshore & Offshore (Fixed and floating).

Smaller footprint for construction sites, less civil work costs, and substantially lower environmental impact.

Ability to install in areas that lack suitable cranes or large crane access.

Ability to install turbine and nacelle without heavy-lift barges or vessels.

Ability to perform maintenance and major upgrades quicker and cheaper.

No expensive cranes, giving you the opportunity to install several turbines concurrently at a lower cost.

Design engineering, prototype fabrication and testing, final products, and commercialization.

Smaller footprint onshore, lesser civil works cost, and lower environmental impact.

Ability to install the turbine and nacelle without large onshore cranes or heavy-lift barges and vessels.

Lower transportation and installation costs due to less equipment and faster, simplified operations.

Faster and cheaper repairs during warranty period.

Ability to (potentially) upgrade old/obsolete equipment.

Ability to allow for greater sales and profit margins.

Cheaper installation costs and ability to install in areas that lack suitable cranes (or large crane access).

Shorter time-to-energy production due to parallel installation (versus series).

Lower environmental imacts.

Ability to perform maintenance and major upgrades without the need for large cranes or a heavy lift barge.

Cheaper decommissioning operations.

Potential to reutilize the wind tower while replacing the nacelle – in order to recommission existing turbine.

We Have The Solution to a Growing Need for Wind Turbine Installation & Maintenance Onshore & Offshore

Access a more efficient, less expensive installation and maintenance system for your wind turbines.
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